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Creative Applications Article about the Making of FLW

I’m a little late posting this, but here’s an article about the making of Four Letter Words.

Video Screening at Design In Motion

This experimental video I did (which, by the way, has the highest ratio of “likes” to views on Vimeo of anything I’ve ever done) will be screening at Design In Motion, Australia.


There’s an interview with me on the blog Time Kills.

And a quote of mine was featured on the A.N.D. Bullseye project.

iPhone Socket Connection to Processing

I wrote a program that transmits touch data from the iPhone to Processing through a socket connection. You can connect multiple phones to the Processing app. It works very well; there appears to be no lag between the phone and the PC if both are connected to the same router.

Here’s the client code.
And here’s the server code.

FLW In the Dirty Goat #24

Four Letter Words is featured in the Dirty Goat #24. The photographs came out really well…


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