Kids Dropping the Camera Turned Sublime

I have a feeling YouTube is 95% incoherent noise made by people who’ve never used a camera before. This video by Chris Beckman shows how brute-force editing, combined with a clever conceit, can take the noise and turn it into something sublime. Oops won the experimental category at the 2011 Vimeo Awards. See also Christian Marclay’s The Clock.

Full House Trip Out

What I like about this video by Michael Robinson is not just that it’s super trippy – it’s mostly noise and colors – but that it is set up in such a way that the viewer is nudged to impose a narrative on it. When that plane/boat/island sequence kicks off you wonder what will happen next. It’s also funny. It’s also scary.

Weirdness from OSX Grapher

OSX Grapher Weirdness Image

I typed y=tan12x^y into grapher and got this crazy thing. The function is recursive, so that might account for the craziness, but I wonder if what we are seeing is actually what y=tan12x^y looks like, or if this is an artifact of the computer’s limitations.

Four Letter Words at ISFF

Four Letter Words will be screening tonight at the Bell House as part of the Imagine Science Film Festival. The screenings start at 8pm. There’s event info here. I’ll be there.

Well worn copy of DEATH DEATH DEATH

Posso parecer calma. Mas dentro da minha cabeça eu já te matei três vezes.

I found this picture randomly the other day. It must be from last year, when DDD was at FILE, Sau Pualo.

BTW, you can buy DEATH DEATH DEATH online. Only $16.95.

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