The CONSCIOUSNESS FIELD RESONATOR (CFR) is my personal attempt to recreate research performed at Princeton University; in particular, experiments in "micropsychokenisis," which means "mind-matter interaction on a very small scale." The CFR is designed so the user can have a personal, non-scientific, emotional experience of these controversial studies. The CFR contains a random number generator, and it notifies the user if inordinate amounts of pattern occur in the generated numbers. One experiment, the Global Consciousness Project, has identified correlations between high levels of pattern and highly emotional global events. During events such as Princess Diana's Funeral and 9/11, statistically significant amounts of order have been detected by the GCP's random number generators. If there is a link, some "consciousness field," that these generators are receptive to, my hope is that my machine will be receptive to it. This project is not so much an attempt to validate or invalidate this research, but an attempt to create an object that engenders a highly emotional relationship with its owner.

When the CFR detects a significant amount of order in its random number generator it lights up (see lower-right picture). Any time it goes off in this manner, the user tries to associate it with a significant event either in his life or the lives of others. Even if the rational mind thinks the basis of this device is complete nonsense, the primitive brain will develop superstitions around the machine. Say the device goes off when the user is having an epiphany; or when she receives a phone call that brings news of a relative's death; or when a natural disaster occurs. Any correlations between events and the device's behavior will have a visceral impact on the user's belief system—especially their beliefs about psychic phenomena, physics, spirituality, technology, academic research, and art. While the device has been constructed with rigorous adherence to the technical minutiae of these academic experiments, interaction with it takes place in a non-scientific, very human, emotional space.


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