GTTMS: Generative Theory of Tonal
Music Software



Improvements/Bugs Fixed in Version 0.6 Alpha

* New visualization of midi playback.
* Improved key finding.
* Improved Time-span Segmentation:
      -Added dynamic TSS system to analysis
      -Added coextensive boundary checking mechanism
      -Added triple-branching support in upper and lower level analysis
      -Can analyze 80% of Bach Chorales.
* TSR is improved.
      -Triple branching now completely supported in upper levels.
       -Early cadence system is more robust * Phrase and Cadence system is more robust
* Midi file reading system is more robust
* Analysis file format has been improved
      NOTE: Alpha .5 analysis files are not compatible with Alpha .6
* Program now uses Bach font for score
* Faster Graphics
* Improved playback controls (added menu, added stop control).
* Improved Roman Numeral printing (more accurate).
* Improved Accidental Printing (more accurate, more readable).
* Frame divider slides up and down upon "Show Levels"
* Removed disabled scrollbar in top frame.
* Fixed alignment problem between score frame and tree frame.
* Fixed horizontal back-and-forth during vertical scroll.
* Improved note spelling.
* Key signature now taken from midi fileónot analysis.
* Score frame no longer shrinks after opening new file.
* Right scroll arrow no longer deforms tree.
* Files automatically saved as .mid.
* Key is printed for first event in roman numerals.
* Phrasing tool no longer prints phantom phrase boundry at end of piece.
* New installer package.


Known Bugs:

* Timespan segments do not print well towards the end of the piece.
* Levels do not reappear automatically when new piece is loaded.
* No Slurs (not implemented yet).
* No Support for dotted sixteenth notes
* Leger line difficulties below A in tenor
* No leger lines in secondary reduction (levels)
* No collision detection for chords in secondary reduction (levels)
* Occasional phantom phrase-boundries when using phrasing tool